Pediatric Dentist – Why is it important

Dental visits are an important and imperative part of maintaining children’s oral health. Young children are among the most challenging patients, which is why we make visits to the pediatric dental office a fun-filled experience. The friendly environment at Shabab Clinic shortens the distance, predisposes and reassures children.





What children’s dental services Shabab Dental Clinic offers

The dental health of young patients is entrusted to dentists closely specialized in childhood prevention and treatment. We give special attention and patience to children and this ensures comprehensive and high-quality treatment and prevention.

Детска дентална медицина

Pediatric dentistry

Детска дентална медицина

Pediatric orthodontics

Детска дентална медицина


детска стоматология

Prevention of dental caries

Детска стоматология
Детска дентална медицина

Book an appointment for your child’s visit

At Shabab Dental Clinic, we will answer all your questions about how to care for your child’s teeth and give you recommendations on how to maintain a healthy smile.

Why a preventive examination is important

A preventive examination in pediatric dentistry is a complete monitoring of the oral cavity:

The dentist examines the child’s teeth, gums and inside of the cheeks;

Dental status is taken, in which teeth with caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, varying degrees of mobility are noted;

The condition of the teeth after previous treatment is assessed;

Abnormalities in the child’s bite are found;

Advice is given on choosing a toothbrush, toothpaste and properly cleaning the child’s teeth;

Recommendations on eating habits are given.