Periodontology is a branch of dentistry that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease. This includes inflammation of the gums (gingivitis), or a more serious infection affecting the jaw bones(periodontal disease).





What is periodontal disease

Periodontitis (or periodontal disease) is an infectious inflammatory disease of the tooth-supporting apparatus that can lead to pain, wobbling and tooth loss. It leads to the destruction of the tissues that hold the teeth, due to chronic bacterial infection. The disease progresses almost asymptomatically, the earliest symptom being bleeding gums. In advanced cases, periodontal disease can cause loss of the bone that supports the teeth and consequently tooth loss.

Signs of periodontal disease

The most characteristic signs that signal that the gums are inflamed are:


Red, swollen gums


Retraction of the gums


Bleeding when brushing or using thread


Increased sensitivity to hot or cold foods


Bad breath

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If you are diagnosed with periodontitis (periodontal disease), one of the first things your dentist will recommend is to make a change in your lifestyle and hygiene habits, as well as to reduce harmful influences – most often smoking.


Why book an appointment at Shabab Dental Clinic

With early diagnosis and timely initiation of treatment, disease progression can be halted and teeth can be saved. It is important to apply modern methods of therapy and prevention of periodontitis, which can successfully prevent a severe form of its course and avoid any possible complications.

Types of treatments depending on the severity of the disease

Eliminating the infection and inflammatory process through professional tartar removal – cleaning helps to disinfect the soft tissues and prevent the progression of gum disease.

After the removal of the accumulated tartar, if necessary, the strengthening and restoration of the periodontal tissues continues with the use of HELBO® laser technology.

Treatment through hard and soft tissue adjustments that facilitate plaque removal – bite correction, replacement of crowns or fillings that caused the inflammation.

Bone and/or soft tissue augmentations.

When to seek a specialist

Periodontal disease is most often caused by poor hygiene – irregular or improper brushing, which allows plaque and tartar to build up, subsequently compromising gum health.

Successful treatment of periodontitis is the result of the collaboration of dentist and patient. Therefore, if you have a swollen, red gum, teeth stripping or bleeding gums, don’t waste your time and look for a good dentist who will start treating your gums in a timely manner. Timely treatment would preserve your natural teeth for a long time.