X-ray and 3D scanner

Dental X-rays are an important aid in therapy as they provide valuable information in the diagnosis of diseases and injuries of the teeth and jaws. A cavity that is located on the lateral surface of a tooth and is hidden by adjacent teeth can easily be detected with just a dental x-ray. In root canal treatments, it is unthinkable to work without radiographs. Usually three photographs are taken – before, during and after the treatment is completed.





We have digital X-ray machines that allow:

Рентгенология и 3Д скенер

Exceptional ergonomics and mobility – important for achieving fast exposures and precise diagnostic results, as well as for a completely painless and comfortable X-ray examination

Рентгенология и 3Д скенер

Wide range of programs depending on the anatomical shape of the patient’s jaw


Minimal ionizing exposure

Рентгенология и 3Д скенер

What 3D scanner diagnostics is used for

The 3D scanner is most commonly used as a method for successful planning in the placement of dental implants as well as for 3D implant placement. 3D scanner diagnostics is also used to determine the thickness and size of bone, the presence of granulomas, cysts or periodontitis.

With the help of the X-ray can be determined:

The number, size and location of the teeth;

The presence of unerupted or broken teeth;

Bone changes in periodontal disease and osteomyelitis;

Tooth root fracture of the jaw;

The presence of granulomas;

The presence of bone tumors and cysts;

Other abnormalities of the teeth and jaw bones.

What is a 3D dental scanner

The 3D dental scanner is a new technology that presents three-dimensional images of the teeth and jaw. This significantly improves the predictability of results, especially from operative dental interventions. The 3D scanner makes it possible to model the entire jaw in three dimensions in order to simulate the intervention in a very precise way and achieve the best possible results.

Teleradiography is a commonly used method for the diagnosis and treatment of orthodontic abnormalities. It is a valuable modality that shows various disorders in the jaws and facial bones.