HELBO® – effective and completely painless laser therapy

HELBO® antimicrobial photodynamic therapy is used effectively and safely in widespread periodontal diseases as well as in implantology to prevent or stop inflammatory processes.

 The antimicrobial photodynamic system eliminates the need for antiseptics and antibiotics and thus prevents unwanted side effects in the patient. This eliminates the problem of bacterial resistance and the increasingly common allergic reactions to antibiotic treatment.





What diseases the HELBO® procedure helps with

The therapeutic effectiveness of HELBO® has been proven by numerous scientific studies. Successfully treated diseases of bacterial, viral or fungal origin include:

Лазерно лечение Helbo


Лазерно лечение Helbo


Лазерно лечение Helbo

Peri-implantitis - inflammation of the tissues around an implant

Лазерно лечение Helbo

Heilitis - inflammation of the skin around the mouth

Лазерно лечение Helbo

Why laser treatment with HELBO®

HELBO® has significant advantages over traditional treatment methods. The high-tech HELBO® method helps preserve natural teeth, implants, and overall oral health. The use of HELBO® significantly reduces commonly occurring complications such as slow healing or even implant loss after an Immediate Implant.

How HELBO® treatment works

The treatment is based on marking the bacterial wall using light-sensitive dye molecules of HELBO®Blue. The procedure is pain, discomfort and bleeding free, with no restrictions on food or drink intake afterwards. Pathogenic microorganisms are treated within 1-3 minutes with a staining sterile solution placed in a plastic applicator with a soft cannula. The dye molecules are activated using laser light at a special wavelength, whereby the liquid molecules create highly aggressive oxygen radicals, killing more than 99% of the pathogenic bacteria in the biofilm. In addition, the laser light stimulates tissue regeneration processes and has an analgesic effect.

What are the benefits of HELBO® treatment


No inflammation with only one or several treatments, depending on the indication


Drug-free anti-inflammatory therapy with antibiotics


Easily reaches even the hardest-to-treat areas


Treatment of a single tooth/implant or area takes only a few minutes


Over 100 scientific publications prove its therapeutic effectiveness


Application of the therapy does not require anaesthesia

After HELBO® therapy

Regular check-ups after HELBO® therapy should not be underestimated and neglected. In the follow-up period, above all, it must be ensured that the inflammation will not reoccur due to microbial recolonization.

Reduced complications, fewer visits and positive economic effects – the use of HELBO® in the dental practice facilitates workflow and improves patient satisfaction in the long term.