Dental and gum health is a prerequisite for a person’s overall health throughout his or her life. Any infection in the oral cavity can have an impact on other organs and systems in the body, which is why periodic check-ups with a dentist are necessary.





Types of dental therapies

Modern dentistry aims to create maximum comfort for the patient – the treatment should be qualitative and pain-free, it should be risk-free and it should proceed quickly. Our experienced dentists not only provide you with proper diagnosis, but also a range of dental therapies:


Treatment of cavities and its complications


Treatment of periodontal and mucosal lesions


Treatment of abscesses and phlegmon

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Why book an appointment for a check-up?

Shabab Dental Clinic has equipment for precise diagnosis and treatment. Preventive checkups can save your natural teeth, don’t compromise your health!

Why do preventive check-ups

The purpose of preventive dental examinations is to inform and protect the patient from oral diseases and possible complications. Thanks to them, a wide range of dental problems are detected and prevented. Early detection and correction of a problem will protect your teeth and periodontium from serious damage.

Orthodontic abnormalities

Remineralization therapy

Prevention of gum disease

Fluoride prophylaxis and silanization

Prevention and early diagnosis of caries and its complications

Prevention of temporomandibular joint pain and problems

Treatment process

With successful root canal treatment, natural teeth can be saved and remain in use for as many years as the adjacent vital teeth. Root canal treatment is also performed under a microscope by removing the inflamed or infected pulp, carefully cleaning and shaping the inside of the root canal, filling and sealing the space. Once the endodontic treatment is complete, the tooth is built up with photopolymer and a crown, fully restoring its function. Early diagnosis and adequate treatment are essential in the treatment of periodontitis.